Thank you!

Wild Wine School was founded through a Crowdfunder campaign in 2019. I am and always will be grateful to those who supported me. 

Thank you so much to all the following people for making this happen.

Demi T, Gabs G, George B, Elsie P, Charles W, Mai S, Martin B, Jules S, Sarah B, Meeche H, Hannah C, Lizzy S, Rosie S, Jess M, Alison P, Martin B, Rachel B, Lizzy O, Lorraine G, Lucy W, Sarah B, Robyn G, Fleur H, Jo A and Gordy F, Li B, Ed Mc, Katie S, James H, Leanne B, Lewis H-P, Charlotte S, Dominique R, Jim B, Sian O, Fiona H, Nic R, Sue S, Elizabeth B, Ingrid P, Richard G, Bianca Y, Sarah P, Sue O, Maria J, Nadia R, Issy G, Diane N, Benjamin P, Alex B, Kate M, David F, Claire H and Bast V, Lisa G, Clio C, Wild West Communications, Hay S, John H, Sheelagh W, Kate L, Emma A, Felicity S, Tash L, Tash O and Jon C, Gemma B, Corina T, Gail B, Jake H, Kate M, Kath B, Chris R, Georgie M and Thomas T, Nick A, Claire B, Michele F, Charly H, Lorna B, Matt and Deb F, Emily K, Hollie G, Fiona W, Sami M, Mary Anne B and Chris K, Jen W, Vanessa S, Karsty A, Caroline R, Jess R, Karen W, Hannah S and Mike J, Emma and Martin H, Richard C, Fran S, Jo M, Anna T, Ben M, Roger and Hilary M, Kirsty F, Helen W, Mar S, Jenny S, Stu Woodman's Wild Ale, Sophie G, Tommy G, Ian H, Kelly R, Hannah S, Hannah W, Sam G, Mi Mi I, Leo R, Ben S, Kelsey W, Jenny S, Anna and Ols C, Claire V, Cassie D, Emily B, Emma B, Lyndsey and Andy Appleton, Mick N, Tor B, Mel J, Esme H, Jamie G and Meeche H, Hanna S, Meg L. 

Debbie x