Chateau Civrac

Mark's aim was to make a contemporary wine here for an international market , not a traditional domestic one. Soft and fruity and not like the traditional robust reds that the region is more well-known for.
Mark, the agent provocateur? As an outsider, he is not constrained by tradition, which is strong in the region. 

The Cotes de Bourg is an interesting place to make wine as it has the highest percentage of Malbec plantations in Bordeaux.
Malbec, although planted by the Romans, normally only used in small amounts, is a spicy and beautiful colored grape, capable of making wines with rich color and spice and ideal for modern fusion cuisine.

Chateau Civrac makes wines in a natural way. That means winemaking by hand, tending the vines by hand and only using machinery and treatments when necessary. This, naturally, makes production costs higher but it's evident in the taste.
Wines are free from additives and chemicals that other mass produced wines contain.

We're lucky to have Mark join us for Wild Wine Club regularly, where we often choose to pour his beautiful wines. 

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