Part One "By the Sea"

And so the adventures begin...

I'm pretty excited to share some highlights from the very first Wild Wine Club. For my first wild offering I teamed up with an old friend and chef from my days at Fifteen Cornwall, Adam Banks. With the help of Cornish chef Natasha Osbourne, Adam created a five-course feast around ingredients from the sea that I'd chosen to pair with each wine.

The wines that provided inspiration for the food and the location were all from Chateau Civrac, located in the iconic maritime region of Bordeaux. We enjoyed the wines against a stunning backdrop of the sea, surf and rugged cliffs at Whipsiderry beach and we were treated to one jaw dropping Cornish sunset.


About the Wines

Chateau Civrac is a winery in Bordeaux where Cornishman Mark Hellyar spends a large portion of his year making a range of modern and innovative natural wines. We were lucky enough to welcome Mark on the evening and hear him share the stories behind his creations.

A few words of thanks

Thank you so much to everyone who came, we couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch, you all made the night so special! 

Thanks Cornwall for being so beautiful, Mark, for your wonderful wines, Adam and Tash for your killer cooking skills, Keeley and Joe for all your blood, sweat and tears that went into making this happen, Kelly fire fairy, Ben, Sophie, Elsie and Jess for your loans of important stuff and Lewis for your incredible photography on the night that can be enjoyed below...

(See more of Lewis' wonderful photos here)


Part 1 "By the Sea"

Maritime Wines with food from the Sea 

Pineau and Canapés

Sherberty sweet Cab Franc juice injected with a brandy kick

Monkfish ceviche and rhubarb | Pea and mint | Cod Roe

Jolie Rosé and Mussels

“Pretty” pink, Cabernet Rosé

Mussels, broad beans and samphire 

Wild White and Crab

Crazy good Sauvignon

Crab and fennel salad with lemon aioli

Indigo and Mackerel

Mostly Merlot - fruity and smokey

Wood fired mackerel, charred beets and burnt lemon

with rosemary & anchovy dressing 

Late White and Sweet Seaweed

Delicate, sweet Semillon

Seaweed set cream and poached peach 

with pecan & sea salt brittle