Meet the Team- Jake Henderson

As well as partnering with some amazing chefs and guests we also have a fantastic front of house team. I thought it was about time I introduced them to you. First up is Jake...

jake Henderson sommelier“Hey internet, I’m Jake. I got interested in wine through working in hospitality back in Cornwall where I was given an amazing opportunity to be a part of the wine-team at The Scarlet Hotel on the north coast. In the hopes of learning a bit more about the industry I decided to make the move up to Sussex to take a degree in ‘International Wine Business’ (sounds fancy, huh?) at Plumpton College. I’m now halfway through my studies now and have learnt a load - still plenty to learn though!

I’ve been working with Debbie and Wild Wine Club for a couple of years now and always look forward to coming back to Cornwall to help out. I love the outdoors and I love wine so Wild Wine Club is the dream!

I couldn’t tell you what my favourite tipple was is because it changes at least once a week. Currently exploring the diversity of the ever-underrated Cava, which is fun. I’m also hoping to get out to Jerez this summer to delve into the wonderful world of Sherry. Exciting times.“

Keep an eye on the blog for Jake's next post on his top tip for those who love the flavours of Pinot Noir but can’t deal the Burgundian price tags!