SPRING SEASON • The Great Estate Festival • Sicilian Feasts

Wild Wine Club at The Great Estate Festival

 Thanks to all who joined us at our  very first Festival Wild Wine Club at the brand new Great Estate Festival at Scorrier House. We had the luxury of a roof (well, with a few missing roof tiles)  in the Old Horse Shed - which hasn't been used for horses for many years - and the perfect setting for our long table banquet.
Debbie chose the Sicilian theme for all three sittings, with a Fish Feast, Meat Feast and a Sicilian inspired Sunday Lunch... all three menu's designed around Sicilian wines.

Three chefs joined us and cooked up amazing 3-course feasts in the outdoor kitchen to compliment the three wines. We sold out for each setting and were delighted with the lovely folk who joined us. 

For those of you who missed it... see you next year!

A few words of thanks

Compliments to The Great Estate Festival who put together a rather magical, weird and wonderful garden fete. 
Thanks to Lewis Harrison-Pinder for the lovely photographs that captured the event so well. 
Chefs Adam Banks, Natasha Osborne and Stefan Hitzinger for creating beautiful dishes in our off-grid kitchen. 
Thanks to LARK Decor who lent us their beautiful handcrafted flags, which are the perfect compliment to our simple tables. 
Thanks to the upbeat team who made it all happen.